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Business Advice and Mentoring



Gain access to impartial, non-judgemental guidance and support.

What this is about

  • a one-to-one relationship over a period of time between a less experienced person (mentee) and an established professional (mentor), which provides consistent support, guidance and practical help.
  • a process by which an experienced professional shares their personal skills, knowledge and experience with another person
  • a means of enabling a less experienced person to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to perform at a higher level
  • an opportunity for a less experienced person to gain access to impartial, non-judgemental guidance and support
  • a process of working together to achieve predetermined goals and objectives
  • a two-way process through which both parties derive satisfaction from the progress, and success is attained through working together.

Mentoring has been used for many years to mature and develop individuals, and the use of mentoring continues to grow. By 2013 according to Adecco Employment Agency, 79% of workplaces offered internal mentoring schemes. Also, in the 2013 CIPD Learning and Talent Survey, mentoring is listed by organisations as one of their top missing leadership skills. Clearly, while organisations are actively mentoring, they are also indicating a desire to get better at that.

How can this help you

  • to express and discuss ideas and any concerns about your business situation, needs and progress without being judged.
  • to help identify or develop practical and affordable solutions.
  • review progress and set a realistic range of options to meet your needs and goals, these could be specific problems or broader personal and business targets.
  • review and develop your skills needed to meet your personal and business objectives.
  • develop your self confidence and help you accept and manage change

Mentoring is a rich source of self-learning and personal growth.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

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Volunteer Business Mentor

Volunteer Business Mentor