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  • Advisory and Mentoring  
  • Non-Executive 

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United Kingdom


Business Advice and Mentoring



Working together to achieve predetermined goals and objectives.



Our aim is to improve the way our clients businesses operate; accelerate their growth; reduce their costs; manage their risks; develop their talent and change the way they do business. In doing so, we focus on their agendas and the big issues they need to deal with.

  • Developing strategic and financial vision

  • Implementing growth strategies

  • Sales & marketing strategy

  • Pricing and procurement strategies

  • Organisation and process improvement

  • Competitive positioning

  • Business planning

  • Cost Optimisation and Cash control


Altair Business Advisory is a business operated by Philip Key in Dartmouth, South West England providing Non-Executive Support, Advisory Services and Business Mentoring for Start-Ups, Venture Companies and SME's with high growth potential.

A flexible service can be tailored to address the main issues affecting the business its Owners and Directors, delivered by Philip who has himself founded, grown, acquired and sold a number of businesses and therefore "has been there before"

A Business can succeed if the fundamentals are in place:  "sufficient sales at a margin that will support all the costs and produce a profit, excellent service along the way, getting paid on time and looking after your staff". Sounds simple doesn't it, if only it was. Running a Business is complex with a vast number of activities that need to be constantly monitored, controlled and continually improved, activities that we can help you manage, avoid the pitfalls the classic mistakes, and help you take control and run a business infrastructure with strategies to create a profitable sustainable future.

Altair based in South Devon can advise new businesses just starting out or help an established business improve its profitability, cash position and trading effectiveness. Being engaged on a Advisory, Mentoring or as a Non-Executive Director to suit the needs of the Company or the Individual, we work intensively to understand your immediate needs and focus on the quick wins whilst developing the longer term sustainable improvements you or your Company requires.

A flexible fee structure to suit the profile and needs of the Company or the Individual.